Zuzu and the Sleepy Owl

Kitap Akrabalıkları

When Zuzu becomes an Owl!

Zuzu and the Sleppy Owl, an adventurous new story by Görkem Kantar Arsoy following Zuzu’s Forest. Zuzu is a happy kid who dreams of fun things that turn into reality. But she knows that happiness does not coma easy. She never quits and always Works to find her way out of porblems with a smile. A hreat example for people of all ages...

One day Zuzu was being really busy:
She fed breadcrumbs to the birds,
flew her kite in wild winds,
then she played her harmonica in the forest…
Zuzu still had a lot to do
but it was quickly getting dark.
“Why does it have to get dark every night?
I wish it were always light,” she complained.
Zuzu was really peeved.

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