The Beyoğlu Adventure

Kitap Akrabalıkları

A thrilling Beyoğlu trip undertaken by a Story Hunter named Sinan and his dog Explorer… You will accompany Sinan all over Beyoğlu, step by step, successfully completing his mission despite having Code Pirates on his tail. You will learn so much about its famous historic landmarks.

Story Hunters on a Secret Mission / The Beyoğlu Adventure was written by Sara Şahinkanat and illustrated by Ayşe İnan Alican.

Ayşe İnan Alican’s illustrations for this book gained her a place on the 2011 IBBY Turkey Honour List, and The Beyoğlu Adventure was named the Children’s Book of the Year in the IBBY Turkey Design Section. 

Introducing the Story Hunters

The Story Hunters are made up of many children and adults.
They love puzzles and solving mysterious cases. They are particularly interested in getting to know Istanbul’s various cultures and historic monuments. The Story Hunters Centre frequently sends them on secret missions. These missions involve solving codes and teaching the Story Hunters a good deal more on the places they visit.

The Story Hunters wear a special badge on their collars to help them identify one another. They can always count on the help of their clever animal friends.

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